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Acrobatics Classes Perth

All Ages Acrobatics Classes

Ever wanted to walk on your hands? Now you can. Acrobatics classes are ideal for those who want to perform spectacular stunts and enhance their overall strength, flexibility and balance. This high energy sport requires students to pull off ground and aerial stunts like tumbling, balancing, handstands and flips.

Students also memorise highly technical routines which involves interacting with their peers. For example, they may balance on a person’s shoulders or hold someone high up in the air. All of these routines are performed with tremendous beauty and grace while encouraging students to build vital team-building skills.

Weekly acrobatics classes are held at JMDC Perth for students aged 3 to 16 years old.

Acrobatic Classes – The Curriculum

At JMDC we offer dedicated classes for up to 4 different levels of acrobatics. Prior to starting your first acrobatics lesson, an instructor will assess your skill level to determine the right class for you.

Each session consistent of routine warm-ups, stretches, exercises, learning new dance moves, and blending those moves into a seamless routine. Under the guidance of a professional instructor, students are taught how to correctly perform acrobatic techniques and improve their overall strength, flexibility and agility.

Students will learn the following techniques and manoeuvres:

• Acrobatic dance – Introduction of basic moves such as cartwheels, splits, backbends and rolls.

• Stunting – Learning how to perform different tricks and balance positions as a pair or group of performers.

• Tumbling – Advanced training that involves learning rolls, handsprings, round-offs and aerials.

• Balancing – Blending of hand balancing, lifting partners and balancing each other in a variety of poses.


For session times on acrobatics classes in Perth, please refer to the timetable.

What to Bring

Students are encouraged to wear tight and comfortable clothes that allow them to move freely. These may include one piece bodysuits (i.e. leotards), or a combination of a top/singlet with shorts.

Acrobatics classes require a lot of energy. Be sure to bring a towel and bottle of water to stay hydrated.

Enrol Today

Whether you want to improve your overall health, boost your confidence or pursue a career in acrobatics. JMDC provides a range of classes tailored to the needs of beginner and advanced students.

Enrol for acrobatic classes at our Perth studio today. Call 0418 908 417 or complete the online form to enrol.