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Ballet Classes Perth

Ballet Classes for Pre-Schoolers, Children, Teens and Adults

Classical ballet is a formal style of dance with origins that date as far back as the 16th century. In Europe and other parts of the world, each region has their own history and stylistic interpretation of the movement. However, classical ballet itself is typically defined by free-flowing and precise movements, tightly structured choreography and emotional storytelling.

Ballet Classes – What to Expect and Timetables

Taking ballet classes at JMDC Perth will help you better understand your body and take control of key muscles to perform elaborate gestures, technical steps and graceful poses. You’ll also learn how to develop a strong sense of rhythm and timing to dance in perfect harmony with the music.

Whether you wish to enrol your child, start learning yourself for the first time, or dust off your old ballet shoes – everyone is welcome. JMDC has weekly classes dedicated to teaching classical ballet in Perth for Primary, Elementary and Grades 1-6. You’re guaranteed to find a class that matches your skill level and fits in with your schedule.

For information about our ballet class schedule please refer to the timetable.

To enrol for ballet classes in Perth, call 0418 908 417 today.

CSTD Preparation and Exams

Want to prepare for your CSTD exam and earn top marks in your particular syllabus? At JMDC you’ll learn everything you need to know to know from technique and artistry to theory.

Your instructor will carefully guide you through the syllabus step-by-step at a pace that’s comfortable for you. And you’ll learn how to fully express yourself in a way that captures the beauty and rhythm of the accompanying music.

Whether you need help with progress on Pre Ballet, Foundation Grades or Progressive Grades – JMDC can provide as little or as much help as you need to succeed.

Everyone is Welcome

JMDC is all about creating a warm and welcoming environment where each student is encouraged to achieve their personal best. Lessons are taught in a slow and gradual manner so students have the chance to master every technique until they are confident enough to proceed.

Many of our former students have developed long-lasting friendships with their peers and instructors. In fact, many former students have even brought their children to JMDC so they can introduce their loved ones to the wonderful world of classical ballet!

Rest assured you’ll feel empowered by the strong sense of community and encouraged by your instructors to express yourself freely.

Discover the Magic of Classical Ballet

Ready to take the leap? Discover the beauty, grace and artistry of ballet today.

To enrol for ballet classes in Perth, call 0418 908 417 or complete the online form