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Featured Dance Classes


Jazz Dance Classes Perth

Jazz has the most variety, ranging from Musical theatre, to more modern and then commercial jazz which is to the latest music. Some recent films and musicals that show this form are Fame, All that Jazz, Chicago and Moulin Rouge. Commercial jazz you will see in film clips and movies. In Jazz class we provide a highly structured class which involves stretching, strength, progressions, such as kicks, turns and leaps. They will usually learn a routine at the end either for fun or for competition. In Jazz class you will gain technique, core strength, stamina, flexibility, and coordination. At Jody Marshall we provide all styles of jazz having a diverse team of teachers. You will learn old school jazz and current commercial jazz allowing the students to know the difference between the two so they will be prepared for auditions and working professionally as a dancer.


Tap Dancing Classes Perth

Tap is a form of dance which is an excellent way to increase coordination, timing, syncopation and rhythm. Tap Dancing is fun. It is noisy but when you learn how to do it properly the rhythms can be fantastic. The old favourite tap dancers are Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, followed by the more modern dancers such as the Tap Dogs who made the movie Bootmen. We have tap classes from preschool to seniors and even Adult Tap class too. The class is fabulous and structured by the one and only Miss Jody Marshall bringing out old classic to the new tap steps. You are never too young or too old to learn to dance that is why we have the adult classes. You just need to bring along your sense of humour!

Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet Classes Perth

Classical Ballet is a more structured form that involves understanding of the body and its muscles and is mostly required to produce a quality dancer. It helps with posture and poise. Classical Dance is a form characterised by grace and precision of movement and by elaborate formal gestures, steps, and poses. At JMDC we provide CSTD examination where the children will learn the syllabus and have a choice of performing their exam or just in the class to improve their technique. They require a lot of discipline as ballet is a challenge. Classical ballet is the foundation of dance so we encourage every student to do 2 classes of ballet per week. When they get to 11 years old they will learn pointe work. Our classical teachers here at JMDC have high qualifications including the West Australian Ballet Company.

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Lyrical / Contemporary

Lyrical / Contemporary Classes Perth

Lyrical and Contemporary are slightly different but each being a broad form of dance where they learn to move their body in different ways. There is really no right or wrong with this style in class as we like to watch the students let go and become their owndancer. The students will learn movements which will either be soft or hard hitting but showing technique through their dance. Students will learn a routine with different timing, floor work, change of direction and balance. Lyrical and Contemporary are very popular and the work and style is always changing.

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Hip Hop

Hip Hop Dance Classes Perth

Hip Hop is a stylised genre danced to pop music either old school or new. Many students enjoy this class as they can let go and bring out their own interpretation of it. Hip hop owns a massive part in the commercial dance industry having people back up singers on video clips and even being in crews. Hip hop is a genre at our school the students learn for fun or take it more seriously on competition level. This class is structured and taught by our incredible Jodie Bickle who has lived in London and learnt from worldwide choreographers. She is one of the best here in Perth, she impresses everyone with her latest moves.

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Acrobatics Classes Perth

Acrobats is a highly structured class for children aged 3 up to 16 learning the easy to advanced tricks. We have 4 different levels of acrobats and we make sure each trick has been taught and shown correctly. Students will learn the basic tricks and technique with help from the teacher and they should master the trick before moving to the next. A few things we work on…

  • Flexibility - splits and back bends
  • Balancing - both single and group
  • Floor work - Cartwheels, rolls through to flips and aerial work.
  • Acrobatics is a challenge but it is fun and safe.

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Strength/Conditioning Dance Classes Perth

Strength and conditioning is so important for a dancer. This class focuses on building your core strength and and making sure you understand what muscles are used for each exercise and how to use your body properly. Stretching is important to know how to do properly as pulling muscles can be easily done. This class is run by an ex dancer of the West Australian Ballet Company. She runs a structured disciplined class that the students enjoy. These students show improvement in classes each week from the strength and conditioning they do. The class has specific exercises to increase strength, tone the dancers bodies and improve flexibility. This class is suitable for ages 13 and up.

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre Classes Perth

In Musical theatre, the students will learn not only to sing but to have dance movements cooperated into the song. They will learn a song and work on that song for a few weeks and learn how to harmonise and sing as a group. Musical theatre is for students wishing to become a triple threat - Singer,Actor,Dancer. Students will do a vocal warm up, breathing exercises followed by singing their song. Students learn a few drama games to build their confidence. Musical theatre students will learn songs from the greatest Broadway Shows - HAIRSPRAY/ 42ND STREET/ WICKED/ LEGALLY BLONDE/ THE LION KING AND MATILDA. Every student comes out with a huge smile on their face and feeling confident.

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Boppers class

Boppers Classes Perth

Our little boppers class is the first steps your child will learn and always remember. These children aged 2-4 will not only learn the basic steps of dancing but how to count their music, develop their coordination and learn discipline. They build friendships for a lifetime. These children will learn nursery rhymes which has a dance that goes with it. From old school music to new songs from disney movies the children will dance to anything and everything whenever they have the chance. We also have a small tumblers class which demonstrates their understanding of flexibility and strength. They will do a warmup that includes splits, bend backs and handstands, then moving onto rolls, cartwheels and balances. We use small mats for their safety and there is always a teacher working with that child. Having 40 years experience with children this age, we know how children work. They do best without parents in the room. They may cry for the first few lessons and take a while to settle but that is normal. The children will adapt to us and they will soon learn to say goodbye at the door, walk into class and enjoy every moment with their new friends.

Private lessons

Private Dance Lessons Perth

Private lessons one on one are the best way for the child to improve as they have the teachers full attention for either 30 mins to an hour. The student will learn their routine for the competition in this time usually once a week. We offer every style of dance, however teachers will decide if the child is suitable for doing that particular solo. The teacher will teach at a pace that is best suited to that child. Students may also compete with duos ortrios.

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