20 Mumford Place,
Balcatta, Perth,
Western Australia 6021

Inspiring Duncraig to Dance With Classes Aged 18 Months and Up

Since 1976 Jody Marshall Dance Company (JMDC) has offered fun, inspiring and engaging dance classes for Duncraig locals who want to unleash their creativity.

Our priority is to promote a friendly, inclusive and relaxed environment, where students are encouraged to support each other and reach their full potential; whatever their personal or professional goals are.

Furthermore, we aim to inspire creative freedom and self-expression in all shapes and forms, while showing students how to master proven techniques and transform these skills into their own unique language.

Whether you’ve always wanted to dance but never tried… you’d like to take your current skills to another level … ace your upcoming dance exams … or encourage the little ones … JMDC is the place where fun and fitness come together.

Ready to master the art of dance? Enrol for dance classes near Duncraig, and see how JMDC can help you reach your true potential.

Live Dance Performace - JMDC Students

Professional Instructors. Quality Facilities.

Our fully qualified, highly skilled, and (at times) globe-trotting teachers are experts in their craft, who gladly share their knowledge to help students master the art of dance – including basic and advanced techniques, movement, flexibility, strength, coordination, stage presence, singing (where applicable) and live performance.

All classes are held at the spacious, climate-controlled studio in Mumford Place, where you’ll enjoy exclusive access to advanced equipment, onsite parking and change rooms. Weekend classes are typically held at nearby dance studios in Warwick and Balcatta.

Your Style. Your Way.

Jody Marshall Dance Company provides quality dance lessons in multiple disciplines under one roof. Whatever gets you moving, you’re bound to find a style that reflects your unique personality and taste.

Below are the following dance styles you can learn:

  • Jazz – Perform stunning kicks, turns and leaps to the backdrop of classic bebop and current popular music
  • Tap – Strike the floor and master impressive rhythms to the tune of percussion chaos.
  • Classical ballet – Move with elegance and grace while improving your strength, flexibility and coordination skills.
  • Lyrical/contemporary – Sing. Dance. And embrace the exciting fusion of modern, jazz, lyrical and ballet all rolled into one.
  • Hip hop – Get your groove on and express yourself creatively with jam-packed hip hop classes that push you out of your comfort zone.
  • Acrobatics – Gain an in-depth understanding of how to perform contortion poses, tumbling and much more.
  • Strength and conditioning – Build your core strength and gain a greater understanding of how each muscle is used to perform certain exercises.
  • Musical theatre – Learn how to sing and incorporate impressive dance moves into the songs themselves. You’ll even learn how to harmonise, do vocal warm-ups, and even act!
  • Boppers class – Ideal for children aged 2 to 4 years old so they can learn the basics of dance, count to their music, develop coordination and learn discipline.
  • Private lessons – Great way for individuals, partners and small groups to develop their skills with the undivided help of a qualified dance instructor.
Lyrical and Contemporary Dance Classes
Classical Ballet Dance Classes

Conveniently located near Duncraig

Only an 8-minute drive from Duncraig, dance classes at JMDC is accessible to all local residents. No matter where you are based, it’s easy to fit one or more lessons into your weekly schedule. You have the freedom to participate as much as you wish.

Jody Marshall Dance Company is located at: 20 Mumford Place, Balcatta, Perth, Western Australia 6021

To enrol for dance classes near Duncraig today, simply call 0418 957 965 or complete the online form.