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Balcatta, Perth,
Western Australia 6021

Your New Favourite Dance Classes Near Morley

Get fit and have fun while you meet new people

It’s never too late to become a confident dancer! Whatever your age or skill, at Jody Marshall Dance Company (JMDC) you will enjoy a positive and inclusive environment; a special place where students are encouraged to relax, take it easy, and learn the ropes at their own comfortable pace.

If you’ve always wanted to dance but have yet to try, our range of casual and graded classes are the perfect stepping stone.

Only a short 15-minute drive from Morley, dance classes are held Monday to Friday in a spacious, climate-controlled studio in Balcatta. Saturday classes are held at our equally pristine Warwick studio.

Children Dance Performance

Master Your Craft

From Jazz and Classical Ballet to Hip-Hop and more, at JMDC you have the freedom to choose a style that reflects your personal taste and abilities and enables you to express yourself creatively.

Your fully accredited and experienced dance instructors, masters of their craft, will show you exactly what it takes to perfect the art of dance – including movement, strength, choreography, routines, flexibility, stage presence, and much more.

Whatever your personal or professional goals, you’ll gain the necessary help and support to succeed.

Enrol for dance lessons near Morley by calling 0418 908 417.

Caring and Compassionate Instructors

At JMDC we pride ourselves on fostering a healthy, positive, and compassionate learning environment for all participants.

Along the way, you’ll be inspired and motivated by highly skilled dance instructors, many of whom are former JMDC students with years of experience in teaching, live performance, and competitions – both in Australia and worldwide.

Their combined knowledge of dance theory, practical skills, and the industry will reveal an exciting world of possibilities, which will enable you to pursue your recreational or professional goals at your own pace.

Fun for All Ages and Abilities

Whether you’d like to:

  • Enrol your child for dance classes (ages 3 to 18) to help boost their confidence, social skills, and overall fitness
  • Prepare for your upcoming dance examinations with graded classes
  • Get fit, socialise, and have fun in a relaxed learning environment
  • Enrol for private lessons with a partner or in a small group
  • Take your skills to the next level with intermediate or advanced lessons


Jody Marshall Dance Company - Costume

Learn to Dance Memorably

… then JMDC is the perfect place for you. We focus on providing quality, inspiring, and motivating dance classes near Morley that is fun for families, young professionals, and the young at heart.

Even if you’ve never danced before, you’re bound to find a style and approach that works for you.

Ready to master the art of dance? Enrol for dance classes near Morley today, simply call 0418 908 417 to secure your place.