20 Mumford Place,
Balcatta, Perth,
Western Australia 6021

Professional Dance Classes Near Subiaco

Welcome to Jody Marshall Dance Company (JMDC).

Established in 1976, JMDC has grown to become one of the most well-known and respectable dance studios in Perth, with a reputation for producing quality dancers of virtually all ages and skill levels across a broad range of styles – including Tap, Jazz, Classical Ballet, Lyrical and Contemporary, Hip Hop, and heaps more.

Our fully accredited instructors offer the guidance and support you need to achieve your personal and professional goals, while encouraging newfound growth, confidence, and technical competency in your style of dance.

All dance classes take place in a large, spacious, and air conditioned studio. Onsite parking available. And within walking distance to public transport via bus.

To enrol for group or private dance classes near Subiaco, call 0418 957 965 today.

Students Dance Performance - JMDC

Over 4 Decades of Producing Quality Dancers

With a strong emphasis on family values, the team at JMDC is committed to nurturing a friendly, positive, and encouraging environment. Here, students are encouraged to set realistic goals and uncover their true potential, while also motivating others to achieve their personal best.

In fact, the JMDC community is so strong, many former students return years later with their own children, so that they too can discover the amazing world of dance. Many of our own teachers are also former JMDC students, who know exactly what it takes to excel.

Over the years, JMDC has helped produce a string of talented dancers. Many graduates go on to bigger and better things in the dance industry. Whether it be performing overseas, training with renowned industry leaders, and even starting their own dance studio. Perhaps you could be the next star-in-the-making?

So, whether you’d like to pursue dance for fun and leisure … fitness and strength conditioning … studying examinations … or to boost you (or your child’s) confidence and social skills … JMDC has everything you need to get started.

JMDC studio is a short 15-minute drive from Subiaco. To enrol for dance classes near Subiaco, call 0418 957 965 today.

Find us at: Unit 2, 20 Mumford Place, Balcatta WA 6021

At JMDC You Can Master the Following Styles…

  • Jazz Ballet – A fresh take on Classical Ballet with a mix of modern, dynamic musical styles set to lively, upbeat music.


  • Tap – Noisy? Sure. Incredibly fun? You bet! Master the art of rhythm, while increasing your coordination, timing and syncopation, purely with the tap of your feet.


  • Classical Ballet –Gain a deep understanding of your body and muscles, and how they work together to assist your posture, poise, and display of fine form and elegance.


  • Lyrical and Contemporary –Combining both soft and hard movements, Lyrical and Contemporary is a modern style of dance that incorporates singing with at time abstract, unconventional forms of movement.


  • Hip Hop –Show off your best moves in this extremely popular, high-energy form of dance. These classes are extremely engaging and down-to-earth, letting you not just master the basics but also develop your own style.


  • Acrobatics – Learn how to build your balance, strength, flexibility, and agility in these dynamic and high-energy sessions. Classes are structured for children aged 3 and up to 16 years, covering both easy and advanced techniques in a progressive yet easy to follow way.


  • Strength/Conditioning – Build up your core strength. Gain a deeper understanding of how each muscle works, how they assist with your dance routine, and how to use your body properly.


  • Musical theatre –Students learn how to both sing and dance a complete song in just a matter of weeks. Also includes other aspects like harmonizing, group singing, vocal warm-ups and breathing exercises, to name a few.


  • Boppers Classes – Your child’s first step to the word of dance. Ideal for children aged 2 to 4, where each class covers the basics of dance and how to count music, develop their coordination, and learn discipline. Your little one will forge fond memories to cherish for a lifetime.
Adult Dance Team Performance
Students - Jody Marshall Dance Company

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Whatever your personal taste or style, you’re found to find a style of dance you will love, and the guidance you need to achieve your personal best – all within a fun, friendly, and supportive environment.

To enrol for dance classes near Subiaco today, call 0418 957 965 today.

We cannot wait to help you discover the joys of dance.