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Adult and children dance classes in Warwick

Whether you’d like to take up dance for the first time … rekindle a long-lost passion … pursue a fulfilling career in the industry … or nurture your child’s personal and physical development … there’s something for everyone at Jody Marshall Dance Company.

Conveniently located near Warwick, dance classes at our spacious studio is only a short 5-minute drive from your area.

Tap Dancing

Master your favourite style of dance

Regardless of your age, skill level and abilities, you’re bound to find something to love at Jody Marshall Dance Company.

From Tap Dancing and Classical Ballet to Contemporary and Lyrical dance. Each style is taught by highly skilled and qualified teachers who are masters at their craft. Better still, they gladly share their skills and insight to help you reach your full potential.

Just some of the many core competencies you’ll learn here include:

  • Basic and advanced techniques
  • Strength and stretching exercises
  • Performing in front of a live audience
  • Learning patterns, routines, and full musical repertoires
  • Dancing in time with the rhythm
  • General movement and flexibility
  • Style-specific terminology
  • And much more…

Best of all? You’ll have the chance to put on stunning live performances in front of enthusiastic crowds. Whether it be for private, corporate or public events, students can test their skills in a live setting and be warmly encouraged by a receptive audience.

Formal examinations

Jody Marshall Dance Company provides dedicated classes for students preparing for their formal examinations.

Your teacher will guide you through the exact criteria you must meet in order to pass your exam – including set sequences, patterns, routines, techniques, performance etiquette, and much more.

Furthermore, they’ll offer tips on how to overcome exam-related stress and maintain your composure while under pressure.

Call 0418 908 417 to enrol for dance classes near Warwick today.

formal examinations dance classes
Jody Marshall Dance Company

Over 4 decades of inspiring dancers

Established in 1976, Jody Marshall Dance Company is one of Perth’s longest running and most respected dance studios.

Why? For starters, the studio takes pride in being a family-oriented place. All dance classes near Warwick are taught in a disciplined yet also fun and friendly manner, where students have the freedom to learn at a comfortable pace. Whether your priority is fitness, fun, or academic growth, you’re guaranteed to excel in way that fits your personal goals.

As a testament to our family-orientated values, many past students often return with their own children.

Secondly, Jody Marshall Dance Company has a reputation for producing outstanding dance artists. Many former students have gone on to achieve success in the industry. From going on world-wide tours with the Netherland’s Dance Theatre and Australian Ballet to performing at Tokyo’s Disneyland.

Plus, many former students return as teachers to inspire the next generation of dancers.

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